Preview from Object on live drawing event

Preview from Object on live drawing event

Catch Object at the live drawing event on Saturday


Avenue to Freedom- Film Screening

We are pleased to inform you that we will be showcasing a short film by Aodh Beathnach on Saturday 18th May at 5:30pm:
The Avenue to Freedom is a documentary about hip hop’s influence on the Tunisian revolution in 2011. This piece was shot by Aodh Breathnach before, during and after the revolution for his final project in the 3rd year of his degree at Bristol UWE. This piece has since been shown at the British Film Institute, a viewing at BBC Bristol and in Universities and community centres in Tunisia.
‘In November 2010 I set out to make a film about the role of hip hop in Tunisian culture, unaware of the fact that a revolution was about to happen that would transform life throughout the Arab world. I travelled from the North to the South of the country and saw the revolution through the eyes of some of the countries most passionate hip hop artists. In a country of downtrodden people, the Western genre of hip hop is used to achieve liberty and freedom of speech. This taught me the sacrifice that has to be made by a country and it’s people to achieve freedom.’
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(Due to some graffic scenes the film will be played in a screening room away from children that are welcome during the art trail).

Win a Creative Coaching session with New Creations Coaching!


  • Do you want to launch your career as an artist, designer, musician, performer or writer?
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  • Do other commitments such as work, family and day to day living, seem to take priority over making time to do your creative work?
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“Alex has given me much needed focus and has strengthened my confidence in my artistic abilities. I am now ready to say I’M AN ARTIST! 
Jon Dixon

  • Would you like greater belief in your abilities as a creative and to have the confidence to take your work to galleries, agents or the press?
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I would love to speak with you about your work and the plans that you have for it. Please come and visit me at the SouthBank Centre on Saturday 18th May, for a chat and for your chance to win a Creative Coaching session .

I look forward to meeting you,

Alex Moate, LCH Dip, AMAC,

alex@newcreationscoaching, 0117 2305096